Minnesota Then is dedicated to telling Minnesota's beer and brewing history.

Our mission statement is to "help foster dialog within Minnesota’s communities about our state’s storied past as related to its beer and brewing history. We aspire to teach as well as learn, and to create an intimate educational experience in an environment welcoming to all."

We believe in an inclusive museum experience, and aspire to a future in which multi-faceted conversations about the past are taking place in diverse communities throughout the state of Minnesota - enriching the lives of each of the parties involved.

Why are the articles hosted at NewsBreak?

NewsBreak pays us a small amount of money each time someone reads one of our articles on their website.

Where is everything?

Minnesota Then is a work in progress that will change and grow over time.

Is MNThen a tax-exempt non-profit?

No, not currently. While we are registered as an educational non-profit in Minnesota we have not filed for tax exempt status (yet). Because of this, we are not asking for donations, and are looking to grow organically.